JF-17 vs F-16

How does JF-17 compares to F-16?

Sure, F-16 is superior in almost everything BUT, one F-16 costs around ~$80 million, 1 JF-17 costs ~$20 million. So you can get 4 JF-17s for price of 1 F-16…how well will 1 F-16 handle JF-17s?

They’ll both be able to detect each other 100+km out, both have BVR and data linking capability, so 3 JF-17s could even go in ‘radio-silent’ mode to lower the chances of detection!  Can’t say who’ll come out on top but sure will give F-16 pilot some headaches!

Another thing, JF-17s do not come with strings attached like F-16s, they dont come with threats of sanctions and they’re affordable for a lot of nations.

JF-17’s modular design also allows customised installation of avionics and compatibility with wide array of weapons.

It surely is a poor man’s F-16.



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